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Search Result of First name:"ira", Last name:"rampil" & Status: "Any"

select e.first_name||' '||e.middle_name||' '||e.last_name,e.type_person,e.mailname, e.mailbox, e.major, e.class, e.department, e.building,,, from acc.person p, acc.epo e where e.person_id = and p.employment_status in ('A','L') and p.type not IN ('03','04') and p.last_name like 'RAMPIL%' and p.first_name like 'IRA%' and e.type_person != '99' and e.withhold_all is NULL and e.not_standard is NULL and rownum < 21 order by e.last_name,e.first_name,e.middle_name

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